Privacy Policy and GDPR

This policy explains how I keep my clients personal information stored. This policy also gives information on photos used, my website and social media. 

·  I maintain records of each client that visits my business for hair, make up artistry and beauty. On each client record card it will have the name, address and telephone number, allergens, pregnancy, skin condition, products used and not to be used, (e.g., a product containing nuts/coconut oil) timing and mixings (colours) and the cost of your service. It is important that I have these listed, as it is essential for every visit, and for insurance purposes if ever needed. All the record cards I keep are kept in record card boxes, in my office cupboard, locked away which I am the only key holder. Your card will only come out upon your arrival and your details will not be shared with anyone else. This is for our viewing only. You can request to see your own record card at any time. Your details of your services will not be discussed with any other person, only between you and me. 

I will continue to keep such records as you visit, however if you decide to go elsewhere for services, records I hold for you will be destroyed. If you do not want me to hold any record of the above, then I am afraid I can no longer do treatments for you. 

Bridal parties have a temporary contract, which is stored in a lever arch file, in a locked office cupboard, which once again, I am the only key holder. The contract contains the brides name and address, venue and wedding date, hair and make-up services and the costs and breakdown, and signed by you and me. We both have a copy. Once I have worked on the wedding, I destroy the contracts the same day. No other persons will see this and no information will be shared, it’s for viewing between you and me. 

·  The majority of my bookings are via my Facebook page or phone calls. Using my Facebook page I can monitor enquires, and I have a tracking system to whom I have responded to. Without a trace of these messages I will not be able to contact you regarding your appointment. I will only contact you via my business page if, an emergency where I may need to cancel, any products ordered have arrived, or if you have requested me to contact you regarding a cancellation that has become free. Reminders for your appointment are set up upon booking, they automatically appear in the messages between you and I a day before or on the day. Please ensure all messages are through my business page and not my personal Facebook page.

· The above also applies to enquiries etc. through my website. 

·  All photos are taken of you and my works by myself are strictly for the advertisement of my business “Natalie George, The Makeover Fairy”, on my business website and social media platforms, also other material such as brochures and leaflets. I sometimes have photos sent to me by photographers after weddings or photo shoots, permission is always asked by all parties and those who took the photo credited. Once again if I share anything from another business platform for photography and weddings etc. permission is asked. 

No photos are stored on my phone after uploading, (which is locked and I only have access) but stored on my iPad for advertising purposes for wedding fayres and events for my business, my iPad is locked and only I have access. 

I like to take photos before and after, possibly during; again this is with permission from yourselves and other parties if they are involved.

Online shopping, once again I will not hold any information unless it’s a delivery address and email, which is disposed of once delivery, has been made.

The GDPR aims to give back to internet users, control of their personal data,

* Your data is secured and no credit card data is saved on my server.

* my processes of keeping your data is 100% transparent

* Personal data is not kept where it is not needed anymore

* I will not send marketing materials without your consent

* You can ask me to receive all your data and to erase all your data

* Your data is not shared with any third party site except from in the process of buying where you can see which data goes with you to the payment gateway website.

If you have any questions re my policy please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Natalie George.