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About Me

My Background


Having been in the industry since I was 16, I have 25+ years all round experience as a hairstylist, make up artist and beauty therapist. 

I am also a State Registered Hairdresser SRH.

I have had my own business now for 14 years, starting in a small top town salon, expanding with a move of premises, to eventually working in my studio cabin at home, and freelance for weddings, events and photography/boudior photo sessions.

I take pride in my work, I love what I do and I just love giving that confidence to others.

For my hair, I trained with Alcrest Academy gaining up to NVQ level 3. Beauty therapy I trained with Diamond Beauty School, Sheffield, all my certificates are ABT accredited. For make up artistry, I trained with Lord And Berry, with well known for her outstanding work and working with celebs, Kate Hughes, who taught me so much and i still keep in touch with Her. I am fully insured for all my services and have a DBS certificate.

Please call me on 01472 343366 to discuss an appointment or any other questions you may have, Natalie xxx

Photography Sessions Hair and Makeup


I absolutely love love love these, whether its natural or something different or dramatic, call me, I'm there! 

its nice to get on the creative side, 

with colours and lashes.

I work one on one model,  or groups,half days or full days. magazine/editoral work etc. 

The photo above is by Mark at Proposal Photography , whom i work with quite alot, on photosessions, weddings etc, we are firm friends and fab business buddies, there is also other business's we work with and some are listed on my website under recommended suppliers,  a ready made team, how good is that??

The model in the photo is Jayne who owns Amour Occasions, Weddings And Evens, who has been updating her website, and I had the privilege of getting Jayne ready for her Business Branding shoot.  

more details on this shoot are in my blog.

Wedding Hair and Make up


I love being part of a wedding day, whether its make up or hair, or both! My favourite part is seeing someones reaction when they look in the mirror once I have done hair or make up, I have to had shrieks of delight, hugs, smiles etc.. its so rewarding. There is nothing that feels as good as making a woman feel good about herself, especially on her wedding day. 

While there are many reasons to hire and hairstylist and make up artist for your wedding day, your wedding will be forever remembered through wedding photographs and the hiring of professional artists will help ensure that you are flawless and beautiful the day of and into the lasting moments of your big day.  (ps, your photographer will love you for it too!)

The photo above was captured Mark at Proposal Photography. This was a wedding photo shoot at the Humber Bridge Country Hotel, not far from my home/studio. There were lots of other bushiness's involved on this day, what a fun day we had too, cannot wait for the next.

i would highly recommend Mark for wedding and any occasion photography. follow the link below to his website. 

Little Diva's and Adults Make Up Classes.

established 2018


Young girls are under so much pressure these days with social media, not knowing the right way to apply make up, using the right brushes, and they think more is best...

I run make up classes using their own make up, own brushes and cleansers etc. its important that they use their own as its that they use everyday, not mine. 

its all about enhancing their own beauty, not changing themselves, having the confidence to use a certain product,

I run adults and childrens classes, available as part of a birthday party. 

contact me for more information and class dates.

I am fully insured and DBS, photo was taken and displayed with permission.  

Treatment List

please contact me for more details on 01472 343366


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Terms and Conditions

Wedding, Photography and Event bookings


Call out fees/travel and time expense/bank holidays and Sundays.

Call out fees for time and travel are at £25, for Grimsby and 10 miles into surrounding areas. £1 per mile after this. Sundays and bank holidays are £40, and as per stated per mile.

I. Extra persons and treatments to be added on.

Please discuss this with me first to ensure I have enough time to fit everyone in especially on a wedding day. 

II. Trial appointments.

These are 1 per person, extra trials will be charge at usual cost.

III. Deposits and balances to be paid.

Once you have signed this contract and still would like to go ahead with booking myself/or my salon, a deposit of £50 will need to be paid straight away to secure your date. I will not hold dates for longer than 14 days after provisional booking as I do have a waiting list of clients in my salon and freelance. All Deposits are non-refundable.

Trial sessions will need to be paid on trial appointments; this is also non-refundable.

Your final balance will need to be paid at least 1 day before your occasion/wedding day. This is also non-refundable.

All payments are cash, bacs or PayPal. Receipts will be issued given as proof of payment.

The deposits are deducted from your total balance.

IV. Cancellations.

Wedding hair/and/or make-up cancelled within the 6 weeks of said date will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the final balance, for example... if you have had your trial appointment and paid for, the balance outstanding is 50% of that. That is as it stands due to trials services carried out and reserving the booked day for you.

If it’s more than 6 weeks prior for a cancellation, the deposits and trial appointments that are paid for are non-refundable, again that is as it stands due to trials services carried out and reserving the booked day for you. 

If you decide to cancel after paying your deposit, this deposit is non-refundable as stated before.

There is no need to pay it all in one go, I’m happy with deposits, then trials, then outstanding balance 

Just before your big day.

Occasional make up and events, deposits again are non-refundable, and a cancellation fee will apply 

Of half the outstanding balance.

Photography hair and make-up, deposits are non-refundable, also cancellation fee out half the 

Outstanding balance will apply.

V. Hair and make-up supplies.

Make up will be provided by myself along with hair grips and hair spray for me you use. Hair accessories and extensions, bun rings are to be supplied by yourself. If you would like to purchase some hair spray or make up or facial care that I have used on you please let me know in due course, so I can bring this on your wedding day. 

VI. Hair and make-up requirements.

I have done hair and make up for many years and I am capable of most trends and upcoming, I never stop learning, however, if you see a picture and you want the same, please be aware that I didn’t create what’s in the picture so it may be difficult to get the exact look, everyone woman is different, every hair is different, every stylist is different. 

VII. Social media,

I like to take photos of my work and display on my business pages , facebook, Instagram and sometimes twitter.. I sometimes share photos from photographers I am given and credit the photographers. I do this with permission, if you would prefer me not to, please tell me. 

Salon Cancellations

 please note cancellations should be no less than 48 hours, please cancel by phone, 01472 343366. cancellation can also be made via here but please be aware I cannot check every 5 mins. courtesy also dictates that missed appointments or no show appointments should be paid for with a fee of 20% or the cost of the colour I use.  I constantly turn people away to fit others in, and its not fair if I lose out on “double” costings when i have a business to run and a family to support. These cost’s must be made before booking your next appointment. If you are late for your appointment please be aware that your service may be cut down, as i have a client after you, itll be totally unfair if i was late for them when its your fault you were late.  

Returns and Refunds

No refunds on hair services are given. 

No returns are accepted on any products, no refunds will also be given on these. 

Supplier Recommendations

Who i have worked with and would recommend

if you are looking for something else for your wedding, or photography session, there is plenty here for you to view.. just follow the links for the websites/facebook page.


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